Healthy and Fun Ideas to Navigate Through COVID-19

A vast majority of Governors have mandated shelter-in-place orders for their residents to ease the spread of COVID-19. While we are all adapting to our temporary “new normal” it is important to remember to take time for yourself to help reduce the stress and anxiety that a pandemic can cause. Social distancing can take a toll on our emotional and mental states.

To help maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying safe at home to help flatten the curve, here are some things to do at home instead of watching the news, or binge watching television shows:

  • Yoga;
  • Meditating;
  • Call your friends and family;
  • Try a new exercise class;
  • Read a book;
  • Learn a new language;
  • Tackle your spring cleaning to-do list;
  • Donate clothes and household items you no longer use;
  • Do a puzzle;
  • Go for walks, bike rides, or engage in other outdoor activities.

If you are missing your weekly card game or social gathering event with your neighbors, here are some fun social distancing activities you and your cooperative could participate in via video conferencing:

  • Meet and greet and/or social hour with your neighbors;
  • Book club;
  • Yoga or other exercise classes;
  • Cooking classes;
  • Trivia night;
  • Card games;
  • Craft making;
  • Stream concerts;
  • Dinner parties; or

If you are navigating through COVID-19 as a parent, the CDC has resources available at its website to help parents talk with their children about COVID-19 [1]. Children can also show signs of being stressed and anxious during a pandemic. It is important to talk to your children about COVID-19 and let them know that they are safe. Children may also be confused and/or upset due to the closing of their school. The CDC has tips for making learning fun and using video conferencing to stay in touch with their friends and family. [2] Here are some fun ideas for you and your family to do while at home:

  • Go outside and play;
  • Virtual playdates;
  • Yoga and virtual exercise classes
  • Arts and crafts;
  • Play board games;
  • Have a dance party;
  • Check out zoo and aquarium web cams;
  • Virtual tours of museums and national parks;
  • Make cards for first responders and frontliners; or
  • Become pen pals with friends and neighbors.

One of the greatest tenets of cooperative living is being a part of your community. Whether you are a board member or a member, it is important to help support your community and help navigate your community through this challenging time. As a community, you will continue to work together for the greater good of the membership and take care of one another during this health crisis. Remember to take care of yourself, your family and your neighbors. We are all in this together!


Alyssa Gunsorek is an associate attorney with experience in contract negotiations. She has contributed articles for various publications including the MAHC Messenger, NAHC’s Housing Cooperative Quarterly, and Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak’s Cooperative Law Jo

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