Emergency Preparedness Training

Helping you be Proactive Instead of Reactive

NAHC’s Emergency Preparedness Training is a two-hour course designed to educate board members and fellow cooperative members on how to prepare for emergencies.

You’ll gain proactive tools to help your cooperative community stay safe during an emergency.

Training Modules

  • How to make an emergency plan
  • Draft emergency action plans
  • Execute an emergency drill
  • Get trained
  • Become a volunteer


The cost of the virtual course is $750.00 for NAHC Members and $850.00 for Non-Members. There is no limit to participants within the same cooperative (joint-cooperative training is not allowed).

The cost for the in-person course is $800.00 for NAHC Members and $900.00 for Non-Members. This cost is per one single (1) cooperative for up to ten (10) participants within that same cooperative, which includes materials and speaker honorarium. You may have additional participants for $50.00 each.

Please Note: The instructor’s transportation, meals and lodging are paid directly by the cooperative to NAHC, not the instructor.

Setup Your Training

Explore the full curriculum and get details to register on the course application.