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How to Have Successful Meetings, 15 page skills booklet. Tips on producing informative and productive meetings through good communication and successful preparation. Key to running meetings.

Be A Volunteer, 15 page skills booklet. Explains how volunteers benefit the community and why organizations need volunteers. Great ideas to engage new Committee or Board members!

How to Develop Your Decision-Making Skills, 15 page skills booklet. Focuses on the skills needed to make sound decisions & outlines processes for successful problem solving.

General Materials and Information on Cooperative Housing, 95 page booklet. A collection of articles mostly published in the 1990’s by NAHC professionals.

How to Develop Your Leadership Skills, 15 page skills booklet. Advice on how to acquire leadership qualities through good communication. Recommended for new Board Members!

Mortgage Payoff & Refinancing, 44 page booklet. A must-have booklet full of sound financial information! Articles from NAHC’s collection of sponsored workshops on Financing, Refinancing, Planning for the Future and multiple case studies from various authoritative sources.

Parliamentary Procedure – A Matter of Order, 15 page skills booklet. A concise overview of the set of rules used for conducting business at meetings and public gatherings. An essential guide for new Board Members!

Successful Conflict Resolution – A Skill for Working Together, 15 page skills booklet. A guide to identifying problems, evaluating solutions and agreeing on an action plan.

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