NAHC delivers specialized education for cooperative housing board members and professionals at every stage of their career.

The 3Rs for Cooperative Boards: Roles Risks & Rewards

This six-hour board governance seminar will build your cooperative knowledge and show you how to work together as a board.

Our specially trained instructors will demonstrate successful governance through interactive discussions, review exercises and hands-on activities. We’ll conduct our 3Rs seminar at your cooperative, referencing your organization’s governing documents, financing and restrictions.

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Registered Cooperative Manager (RCM) Program

Earn your certificate to become an RCM and take part in a program that’s setting the standards for professionals throughout the industry.

The RCM curriculum is open to cooperative property managers and to cooperative Board Members (education only), wishing to understand and gain further knowledge of cooperative management

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Emergency Preparedness Training Course

NAHC’s Emergency Preparedness Training is a two-hour course designed to educate board members and fellow cooperative members on how to prepare for emergencies.

You’ll gain proactive tools to help your cooperative community stay safe during an emergency.

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