Board Training

The 3Rs for Cooperative Boards: Roles Risks & Rewards

This six-hour board governance seminar will build your cooperative knowledge and show you how to work together as a board.

Our specially trained instructors will demonstrate successful governance through interactive discussions, review exercises and hands-on activities. We’ll conduct our 3Rs seminar at your cooperative, referencing your organization’s governing documents, financing and restrictions.

Training Modules

  • Why do boards govern? A cooperative board governance overview.
  • How do boards govern? Resources you’ll find valuable.
  • What do boards do? Responsibilities broken down to set expectations.

By the end of the day, you’ll have the knowledge you need to become a successful, effective member of your cooperative’s board.


The cost of the course is $1,500.00 per cooperative, for up to ten (10) participants, which includes materials and speaker honorarium. (You may have additional participants for $50.00 each.) Please note: The instructor’s transportation, meals and lodging are paid directly by the cooperative to NAHC, not the instructor.

More than one cooperative may joint venture if operated in the same market to sponsor a course.

Setup Your Training

This program is available on-demand. Explore the full curriculum and get details to register on the course application.