Cooperative Housing Chat Podcast

Cooperative Housing Chat is bringing together members of the cooperative housing community for conversations about the past, present and future of housing cooperatives in North America. Tune in to hear prominent members of NAHC and other organizations discuss the issues affecting our fellow cooperators. Hear stories from the hosts and guests plus frank and honest conversations that touch every facet of cooperative housing.

Episode 3 | Valuable Lessons About the Cooperative World

Guest Andrew Reicher, Executive Director of the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB) and recent Cooperative Hall of Fame inductee, talks about the history of Urban Homesteading, The 6th Principle Coalition, the Cooperative Housing landscape as it stands today, how the social justice movement has inspired change, what’s on the horizon, and more. Watch it on YouTube >>

Episode 2 | Update form Washington

Government Relations Representative Judy Sullivan drives a passionate conversation about the shifting climate for housing cooperatives with updates from Washington, DC and beyond. Watch it on YouTube >>

Episode 1 | Back to Basics

NAHC President Fred Gibbs starts the series off with his take on the evolution of our organization and why its functionality is so valuable to cooperatives everywhere. Watch it on YouTube >>

Meet Our Hosts

Greg Carlson, RCM

“Cooperative Housing is usually the first time a person becomes a homeowner. I hope this program will help those in cooperative housing navigate and understand what it is to be a cooperative member.”

Gregory J. Carlson is the chair of NAHC’s board and emeritus chair of the Registered Cooperative Manager (RCM) program for NAHC. He is also chair of the Registered in Apartment Management (RAM) program for the National Association of Builders and Owners (NABO). He serves as treasurer of the Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums and is executive director of the Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives and Condominiums (FNYHC).

Hugh Jeffers

“The future is bright for cooperative housing,” said Jeffers. “This unique model of home ownership is critical to creating sustainable, affordable and strong communities at a time when housing has become unattainable due to rising costs. My hope is that our show can highlight the advantages of housing cooperatives and how they can address the housing crisis in the country.”

As senior director of Centennial Mortgage, Hugh Jeffers is responsible for originating new business around the country. Jeffers is also an NAHC board member and chairs the Development and Preservation Committee. He has over 20 years of multifamily and healthcare origination and underwriting experience and has developed particular expertise in affordable and cooperative housing.

Apply to be a Guest!

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