NAHC Expands Virtual Learning Offerings

NAHC Expands Virtual Learning Offerings

The RCM Board of Governors was pleased to expand our virtual educational offerings by presenting a valuable 2-hour training on February 18, 2021: National RCM Emergency Preparedness, Procedures, and Best Practices.

This exclusive training, sponsored by BELFOR Property Restoration, lead a class of 33 through emergency preparedness, procedures, and best practices. An engaging Q&A session invited attendees to ask personalized questions about their cooperative management.

Here are a few pro-tips that were shared during training.

Training at a Glance

Fire Prevention, Safety and Code Enforcement
Fred Gibbs (FK Gibbs Management Company, Kansas City, MO)

NAHC President Fred Gibbs offered training to on how to avoid fires and fire related injuries. He stressed the importance of bring awareness to common causes of fire deaths and injuries and inform RCMs of their professional responsibility toward fire safety and injury prevention.

PRO-TIP: Building block #1 – know your property.

  • Identify and document utility shutoff location.
  • Be aware of response times of your local fire department.
  • Solicit the help of first responders when preparing your plan.
  • Identify rendezvous points for displaced residents.
  • Know the location of disaster shelters in your area.

Office Staffing and Pandemic Procedures
Nicole Redding (London Townhouses Cooperative, Chicago, IL)

This portion of the training covered PPE, staffing concerns, and covid-19 testing procedures for staff to prepare for “what if” scenarios.

PRO-TIP: If modified office hours are implemented for office staff…

  • Designate personnel to monitor daily phone calls and follow up when working remotely. Make sure proper technology is in place (cell phones, computers, etc.) to support your efforts.
  • Focus on customer service, patience and de-escalate emotional exchange to reduce stress for everyone.
  • Implement virtual calls for board meetings, board members, staff and or residents when necessary.

Building Mechanical Systems 
Ralph Marcus (Marcus Management, Farmington Hills, MI)

This session covered construction styles, variances prevention, and risk assessment. Ralph shared details of his Emergency Mechanical – What Happens If Plan (EM-WHIP).

PRO-TIP: Begin to establish A Flow Chart for each EM-WHIP system with both External Reporting (Municipality – Police, Fire, Water Dept., etc.; Emergency Response Contractors, Insurance Company, etc.) and Internal Reporting (Supervisor, Manager, Management Agent, Board of Directors).

  • Who is likely to first realize a system failure? (Could it be multiple persons?)
  • Who should the first-knowing person contact under EM-WHIP? (This, too, could be multiple persons!)
  • How is first-knowing person(s) to contact EM-WHIP contact?

Storms, Floods, Blizzard, Tornadoes 
Kimalee Williams (Faith Asset Management, Hartford, CT) Preparing for severe weather is a reality facing the country and the world. RCM Trainer Kimalee Williams urged attendees to make a plan now which could save you time and sanity in the event of an emergency.

PRO-TIP: You need to ensure you check the vacant units routinely to address any potential damage.


Greg Carlson, RCM – Moderator

Gregory J. Carlson is the Chair of the National Association of Housing Cooperatives (NAHC) Board, Emeritus Chair of the Registered Cooperative Manager (RCM) program for the National Association of Housing Cooperatives (NAHC).

Fred Gibbs, RCM

Fred Gibbs is the owner and founder of FKGibbs Company, LLC, a Kansas City based Property Management Company, serving client organizations throughout the United States. He has earned the designation of Registered Cooperative Manager (RCM) from the National Association of Housing Cooperatives (NAHC), where he also serves as President.

Ralph Marcus, RCM

Ralph Marcus is President and CEO of Marcus Management, Inc., specializing in full-service Cooperative housing management of 18 Cooperative communities encompassing over 4,200 units, 17 condominium communities encompassing over 2,700 units, as well as management consulting.

Nicole Redding, CPM©, ARM©, RCM

Nicole Redding, a Chicago native, has worked in the Real Estate property management industry for over 30 years managing and supervising market rate, affordable, and mixed income communities in Chicago, Wisconsin and Michigan. She currently serves as General Manager/Assistant Treasurer for London Towne Houses Cooperative located in Chicago, Illinois with 803 cooperative units and 8 rental units.

Kimalee Williams, RCM

Kimalee Williams is CEO of Faith Asset Management, LLC (a property management company) and Canterbury Builders (a construction company) located in Connecticut. Kimalee has over twenty years of experience providing training and consulting services on property management, board/ management relations, agency relations, and more throughout the United States.

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