NAHC Annual Awards

2022 Award Nominations are closed. We look forward to announcing this year’s winners in San Diego!

NAHC Annual Awards spotlight those who make a difference for cooperative housing. Awardees will be celebrated at the NAHC Annual Conference in San Diego.

IDA Curtis Fisher RCM of the Year Award

The Ida Curtis Fisher Registered Cooperative Manager of the Year Award honors the RCM who has demonstrated outstanding dedication by devoting time, energy and talent to the RCM program and the national cooperative housing industry. The award was established in 2013 in memory of Ida Curtis Fisher, one of the three founding members of the RCM program, and her efforts and devotion to the cooperative housing community.

Previous RCM of the Year Recipients

2021 – Hope Turner

2019 – Gregory J. Carlson

2018 – Nicole Redding

2017 – Robin Lay

2016 – Linda Brockway

2015 – Kelly Barth

2014 – Brian Ross

Development and Preservation Award

The Development and Preservation Award recognizes an organization, association or business that displays innovation, creativity, breakthroughs, leadership or business judgment that improves the likelihood and volume of successful cooperative development or the long-term viability of existing cooperatives.

Previous Development and Preservation Award Recipients

2020 – Colonial Townhouses

2017 – Golden Ring Cooperative

2016 – Dennis Johnson

2015 – CSI Support and Development

2013 – Alexandra Wilson

2012 – AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust

Cooperative Star Award

The Cooperative Star Award recognizes a cooperative that displays sound leadership, management, and creates a particular value for its members. The cooperative should have systems in place to assure prudent preservation of their members’ interests. Eligible cooperatives should honor the basic principles of cooperative housing, certify that systems are in place to provide safe, sound and valuable housing and to protect the interests of their members.

Previous Cooperative Star Award Recipients

2021 – Michigan Shores Cooperative

2020 – Barton Towers Cooperative

2018 – Mayfield Green Cooperative

2017 – St. Joseph’s Cooperative Community

2016 – Labelle Cooperative Towers

2015 – Second Stone Ridge Cooperative

2014 – River Oaks Towne Houses Cooperative

2013 – Belleville Coop Apartments

2012 – Concord Consumer Housing Cooperative

The Jerry Voorhis Award

NAHC’s Board created this lifetime achievement award in memory of its namesake and a man regarded as NAHC’s founding father. The Jerry Voorhis Award is NAHC’s highest honor, recognizing significant leadership in both theory and practice. Jerry Voorhis, a man of impeccable integrity, believed in and did his best to teach, apply and widen the use of basic cooperative principles.

Previous Jerry Voorhis Award Recipients

2021 – Greg Carlson, Fairview Owners Corp.

2019 – Randall Pentiuk

2017 – Ralph Marcus

2016 – Charon J.W. Motayne

2015 – Douglas Kleine

2014 – Paul Bradley

2013 – David J. Thompson

2012 – William Magee

Cooperative Distinguished Service Award

The Cooperative Distinguished Service Award recognizes outstanding service to cooperative housing and the achievement and contribution of a cooperative member who helped a cooperative or association of cooperatives to better serve its members.

Previous Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2021 – Kathy Sinicropi

2019 – Arthur Slater

2018 – Patricia Byrd

2017 – Sarah Yankey Frempong

2016 – Lakeisha Jackson

2015 – Stephanie McGaha

2014 – Edward Bruenjes

2013 – Rosie White

2012 – Patricia Tischbien

Author of the Year

The author of the year is awarded to an individual in recognition of contributions to NAHC publications through writing, reviewing and editing. Nominations are made by the editor and reviewed by the communications committee.

Previous Author of the Year Award Recipients

2021 – Altoria Ross, Greenbelt Homes, Inc.

2018 – Herb Fisher

2016 – Douglas Kleine

2015 – David J. Thompson

Roger Wilcox President’s Award

Selected by the NAHC President, the Roger Willcox President’s Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the National Association of Housing Cooperatives and the cooperative housing movement.

Previous Roger Wilcox President’s Award Recipients

2021 – Hugh Jeffers

2019 – Karen Harvey

2018 – Richard Berendson

2017 – Roger Wilcox

2016 – Judy Sullivan

2015 – Scott Jackson and Ann Davidson

2014 – Michael Beall

2013 – Mary Alex Blanton

2013 – Ann Fedorchak

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