NAHC’s mission is to support
and educate existing and
new cooperative housing
communities as the best and most economical form of homeownership.

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Speaker Presentations

2017 Annual Conference Presentations

Presentations from the 2017 Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Reicher

Aboard the Leader-Ship | Karen Braunscheidel

Curb Appeal Rolling Out the Red Carpet | Karen Braunscheidel

New Board Training | Richard Berendson

Ratios Ratios Ratios|Joel Sanchez Berlingeri

Marketing Techniques to Engage your Community | Mary Alex Blanton

Riding the Wave of Positivity | Theresa Cady

HUD Update 2017 | Greg Carlson & Al Reynolds

Conveniences, Amenities, & Luxuries | Leon Geoxavier

Duties of the Secretary – Beyond Minute Taking | Karen Harvey

New Co-op Development! Canadian case studies | Scott Jackson

Achieving your goals through Financing – FHA 223 (f) and other financing programs | Hugh Jeffers

Conflict Resolution Board of Directors, Property Manager, & Community Manager | Kim Karen & Marcus Kim