CHI A Year in Review

Cooperative Housing International (CHI) promotes, encourages and helps in the establishment of housing cooperatives in transitional economies, and in developing and developed countries. It strengthens and encourages good governance principles and fosters an inclusive cooperative culture. CHI holds education and training events for the sharing of best practices in cooperative housing and encourages partnership initiatives among its members and with other cooperatives to access financial capital and technical assistance.

By using the capacity of the ICA, CHI can increase the influence of housing cooperatives at the global, regional and sectoral levels. Housing cooperatives are more important now than ever and it is by thinking and acting collectively that we can demonstrate the power of the cooperative movement. The National Association of Housing Cooperatives (NAHC) is a member of the ICA and CHI, and NAHC is proud to have NAHC board member, Linda J. Brockway serve on the CHI board of directors representing cooperative housing on behalf of the United States.

2018 was a busy year for CHI, involving many partnerships with various housing partners throughout the world. The first collaboration was in June with Housing Europe where we held our spring board meeting in conjunction with their General Assembly and Conference in Tallinn, Estonia. The theme of Livability and Affordability in Digitized Cities showed us the impacts technology is having on housing and urban environments. CHI signed a joint statement with Housing Europe committing both organizations to work with all levels of government to improve housing affordability by looking at cooperative and other forms of housing solutions.

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