Cooperative Empowerment Fund

Your donation supports NAHC in 5 core initiatives to positively impact cooperative housing communities in North America.

Legislative Advocacy

Allocate more time for our Legislative Advocate to get additional firepower on Capitol Hill and have greater influence over regulations issued by Congress and the Department of HUD to ensure that Cooperatives are treated differently than rental communities.

New Cooperative Housing Development

Fund work to give housing cooperatives all of the benefits and program advantages available. Inclusion in FEMA Disaster Loans, Reverse Mortgages for Veterans, and Income Tax Treatments are crucial for our communities. NAHC is sparking change to make it happen!

Program Development

Expand efforts of the Development Committee to build new Cooperative Housing Communities, create new programs, focus on sustainability, and identify additional funding sources to help existing cooperatives.

Cooperative Education and Training

Build additional educational programs and inclusive remote learning opportunities empowering cooperative housing board members and managers across the country to get the training they need.

General Cooperative Advocacy and Support

Grow the NAHC membership and support its assistance to a national community of cooperatives and their members. Housing Cooperatives have proven to promote democracy, sustainability, affordability and community for their members and we will continue to invest and fight for them.

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It’s full steam ahead for the cooperative housing movement! Thank you for your support.