Committees & Chairs

Executive Committee

Fred Gibbs – President
Gregory J. Carlson – Board Chairman
Randy Pentiuk – Executive VP
Karen Harvey – Secretary
Hope Turner – Assistant Secretary
Ralph J. Marcus – Treasurer
Hugh Jeffers – Assistant Treasurer
Linda Brockway – EC Member
Blaine Honeycutt – EC Member
Ruthie Wilder – EC Member
Kimalee Williams – EC Member

Committee Chairs

Audit Committee – Kimalee Williams
Communications Committee – Fred Gibbs
Credential Committee – Donna Marie Curvin
Development & Preservation Committee – Hugh Jeffers
Educational & Training Review Services – Hope Turner
Finance Committee – Ralph J. Marcus
Governance & Strategic Planning Committee – Ralph J. Marcus
Government Relations Committee – Mary Ann Rothman
Grievance Review Committee – Leon Geoxavier
Member Services Committee – Linda Brockway, Hope Turner, Kim Marcus
Membership Sales Program Committee – Karen Harvey
Mutual Marketing & Advocacy Committee – Anne Hill
RCM Board of Governors – Gregory Carlson
Revenue Enhancement Taskforce – Hugh Jeffers

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