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Registration is Open for the 2018 Annual Conference!

Housing cooperative professionals from the US and Canada are meeting in Phoenix, AZ on October 24-27 for 3 days of networking and education at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort.

Join your peers to discuss hot topics in the industry and collaborate to strengthen cooperative housing for all.

We hope to see you there!

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Report: High Program Spending Keeps Nonprofits in the “Starvation Cycle”

A new benchmarking report from the BDO Institute for Nonprofit Excellence finds that even with substantial revenue streams, organizations face pressure to keep overhead costs low. The culprit: high levels of spending on programs and services.

The need to keep a overhead expenses low, even with significant revenues coming in, remains a major pain point for nonprofits, according to a new report.

In Nonprofit Standards: A Benchmarking Survey, the BDO Institute for Nonprofit Excellence reveals that, on average, 77 percent of nonprofits’ total expenditures go to support programs and services. It notes that Charity Navigator made a comparable finding that 70 percent of nonprofits spend at least three-quarters of their revenue on services.

“This type of high programmatic spending could mean that organizations are under-funding necessary infrastructure—new technology, employee training, and fundraising expenses—a phenomenon known as ‘the starvation cycle,’” the report says. “The prevalence of restricted donations could also be a contributing factor to the high program-related spending.”

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The 6th Principle Coalition (6PC) Launches Interactive Housing Co-op Map

The 6th Principle Coalition (6PC) is proud to launch its website: The primary feature of the site is an interactive map that includes every limited-equity and affordable housing co-op in the US and Canada, as well as all the organizations that work with and support housing co-ops, including cooperative-friendly service vendors. Each location on the map can host comments and uploaded content such as images in addition to the base information. Whether you live in a co-op or work to support and create co-ops, you can interact with the map, add information, suggest corrections and connect with others.

Soon, the site will host more resources for the co-op community such as pre-recorded webinars, training manuals, sample governing documents, and other shared best practices. As an extension of the work of the 6th Principle Coalition, this website will serve the existing needs of the limited-equity co-op community, and work as a platform to connect and coordinate initiatives to grow the community.